Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Eurovision Song Contest

Now, the ESC was on, on saturday, and I was not as disappointed as usual. As you all know, Sweden has won. In my opinion she wasn't the best singer but I think it was the style of the song which brought her to the win. As a German, I would have liked to see Germany (Roman Lob, Standing Still) under the top 5 but I think we can be happy with a fourth place. The one who I really felt sorry for was Engelbert Humperdink. Humperdink wrote amazing songs such as "Quando Quando Quando" and he also had a great song this year. Hence the reason I do not understand why he came at the second to last place. He really did not deserve that!! One song which I had in my head all the time was "Quedate Conmigo" by spain. She had a really powerfull voice and the song was just beautiful. I think in this year's competition we did not have as many curious acts as in other years. However there were the russian Babushikis which also had an "amazing" dance song which....wait for it...they have written it by THEM SELFS!! The oldest of them was 86 and therefore I think that they have deserved an amazing second place!!

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